Your Child's First Dental Appointment

It can be natural for parents to think their child doesn’t need to see the dentist until several teeth have come in. However, your child’s first dental appointment should be scheduled within six months after the first tooth has erupted. Seeing the dentist at an early age can lead to better oral health. Pediatric dentistry is available at our office in Stafford, where Dr. Elizabeth Attreed and our experienced dental staff will help your child feel comfortable during the first dental appointment.

Childhood Dental Visits

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children see a dentist within six months of their first tooth coming in. The first tooth usually erupts around six months of age for most children so your child should see the dentist close to their first birthday. After your child’s first dental appointment, they should continue seeing the dentist about every six months. Regular dental checkups throughout childhood can help prevent various oral health issues, such as tooth decay.

During your child’s first dental appointment, the pediatric dentistry team at our office in Stafford will help your little one get used to visiting the dentist. Our friendly and professional staff will help your child feel comfortable so they don’t fear coming back for regular checkups. As your child gets older, the dentist might recommend specific measures for preventing cavities, such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants. The dentist can also recommend orthodontic interventions to help your child’s teeth remain healthy and look their best.

Early Oral Hygiene Habits

Your child’s first dental appointment presents an excellent opportunity to talk to the dentist about developing an effective oral hygiene routine at home. One habit you can implement is helping your little one brush the teeth twice every day. You can start with a fluoride-free training toothpaste and switch to one with fluoride upon the guidance of your pediatric dentist.

Parents should assist toddlers and young children with brushing and flossing since they lack the dexterity to effectively do it themselves. Additionally, parents should continue supervising kids during their oral hygiene routine at least until age eight to ensure they don’t miss any areas when brushing or flossing. Helping children develop effective oral hygiene habits from a young age can lead to lifelong good habits and optimal oral health.

Your child’s first dental appointment can set them on the path to good oral health throughout childhood. Our friendly and skilled pediatric staff know how to help your child feel comfortable so that dental appointments are enjoyable. To schedule your little one's first dental appointment with Dr. Attreed, call our general family and pediatric dentistry office in Stafford at (540) 659-5161.

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