Why You Need to See Your Dentist Twice a Year

We often avoid the dentist at all costs, only going when we can no longer take a toothache or if teeth are just too yellow to bear. But that's poor oral hygiene and preventive care. Dr. Elizabeth Attreed of Stafford, VA, has been a certified dentist for over 30 years and knows the importance of biannual checkups.

Why do you need to see your Stafford dentist twice a year?

Biannual checkups or oral examinations are at the heart of preventive medicine. It's a much smarter method than reactive dental care, which is when you wait until the problem has already manifested and needs to be treated.

Oral checkups entail a visual examination where the dentist inspects your teeth to determine if you have issues, like cavities. Dr. Attreed has several technological advancements at her disposal.

She uses an intra-oral camera as a diagnostic tool to view different angles. The camera enables the dentist to view the entire mouth on a monitor so she has a closer and more accurate look at already-existing conditions or potential issues. You, the patient, will also have access to images in real-time. Dr. Attreed can explain what you're looking at and answer your questions.

Your Stafford dentist also uses a digital x-ray to find non-superficial health conditions, like an infection. Digital x-rays are standard equipment at a dentist's office. It's another technological advancement that enables your dentist to see different angles of the tooth and soft tissue. Digital x-rays are a great preventive tool that benefits the patient in that they have nearly 80% less radiation than a standard x-ray, making it safer for patients.

In addition to checkups, your biannual visits consist of professional dental cleanings to remove deep stains brushing can't eliminate and ensure the spaces between teeth and gum tissue are bacteria-free.

Want to schedule your next consultation?

Biannual checkups or oral examinations are a vital preventive measure to stop health issues before they spiral out of control. If you have more questions, feel free to contact Dr. Elizabeth Attreed of Stafford, VA, at (540) 659-5161 today!

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